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"Hi there, thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say - I hope you enjoy it!

The way business finance and leasing is done today is long winded, arduous and does nothing to speed up business - I want to change that.

Love Finance is a company I have been working on since 2012 and am now in a position to show you what we can offer to help your business excel.

My family worked in finance so throughout my life I have been told, rather reluctantly at times, about the whys and wherefores of the finance world. One thing always seems to stick out though - that doing finance was a process that took up a lot of time.

We have developed technology that guarantees your request for a loan will be processed in seconds. The rest of the industry is still yet to catch up with what we’re doing, this is why we think we’re already ahead of the game - despite our young age.

We’re looking to disrupt. In short, we’re troublemakers. This gives us an advantage in an outdated market and puts us in a fantastic position to make changes with the help of our clients. We want to work with interesting companies and be at the forefront of a rebellion that puts the customer back at the centre of business.

The banks had far too much control, they set the pace for the evolution of the finance world and yet it still wasn’t fast enough. Business finance needed to take a step forward, despite the advent of P2P lending the speed with which it was done was still too slow.

In an age where everything you buy, see, read and order is instant, your finance should be no different.

We’re always thinking about how we can add value to money - a thousand pounds will always be a thousand pounds so adding value to that isn’t about changing the money but changing the way that money is handled, given out and dealt with.

We’ve added speed, efficiency and fair lending.

At Love Finance we have a strong, unshakable belief that business is never B2B, businesses don't talk to businesses. People are everything and they, the individuals, are the ones that should be spoken to. We, therefore, gear all our information, knowledge and passion toward our customers and anchor this in a mantra based around H2H (Human to Human).

So, like what you hear? I hope so. If you want to know a bit more give us a ring, myself, Alex and Andy are always up for a chat. We gear our methods around you, we want to know what you want for your business so we know we’re moving in the direction that best suits you.

Join the revolution, join the conversation and let’s change the way things are done around here."




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