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An online craft beer distributor has released what it thinks will be the top 5 predictions for the UK beer market this year. Based on sales of over 3000 products over a 12 month period, EeBriaTrade has shortlisted 5 beer trends for 2018 which it thinks are going to be stocking the shelves and lifting the spirits of pub goers in 2018.

 5 beer trends for 2018!

Higher ABV

Based on their sales, it seems there is a growing trend for beers with a higher ABV. Figures show a 5.3% increase in beers that are 7% or higher. A strong reason behind the newfound popularity of these pack-a-punch beers is the growing trend for pubs and bars to offer one or two third pint measures meaning drinkers aren't as intimated or put off when ordering a high percentage beer.

Double IPAs

In the words of Alan Partridge “if people like them, let's make more of them” - not content with just a regular IPA sales show consumers want double the trouble in their pints. Double IPA sales doubled in 4.3% to 7.3% in a mere 12 months. Verdant Brewing Co and Northern Monk are just two of the innovative breweries who are making big, hoppy, juicy double IPAs that seem to be going down a treat with consumers.

Sour Beer

Breweries are offering really radical flavours and more challenging styles of beer in 2018, at the forefront of this is sour beer. Demands for lip-smacking, gargantuan flavours that set the tongue a light are reflected in sales that doubled, 3.4% to 6.4%, in the past 12 months.


One of the best things about craft beer is its constant evolution, trends around it change so regularly, which is in part driven by consumer desire for different flavour and styles of beers. 2017 saw a reduction in the popularity of the traditional golden, brown and amber ales. In 2018, expect beers with rich flavours like chocolate, caramels and coffee as breweries look to push the boundaries and modernise.

Imperial Stouts

Beers that dare to be bold are turning heads and will continue to do so this year, sales of darker beers have grown gradually (1.2% to 3.3%). Move over Guinness, there are some new guys in town who are tryna take your mantle.

Moving away from specific drinks we thought we’d examine some more general trends in the world of beer!

Customers Looking For More Organic ‘No Bad Stuff’ Products

We’re all becoming more and more aware of the stuff we put in our bodies, whether it's buying organic or opting for more healthier options… consumers are just savvier than they were a few years ago. This has extended to what they choose to drink on a Friday and Saturday night, folks want beer that's ‘good’ for them, brews with gassy, nasty chemicals are getting found out for what they are and being replaced with more health-conscious beer (healthy beer sounds like the contradiction of the century I know but I hope you know what I mean) that’s made with more natural ingredients .

The Everyday Beer Drinker Becoming More Interested Locally Produced, Properly Brewed Beers

Don't get me wrong, the big beer boys are still very much that, Carling, Guinness and Strongbow aren't going anywhere soon. But, the interest in local, usually craft, beer is substantial, which is nice to see, as local business deserves our support. Local breweries have taken advantage of the energy that bigger ‘rebel’ companies like Brewdog have created, to create their own ‘punkish, rebellion-led’ brands. More and more, local breweries are getting consumers to buy into their brand, as well as their beer.

Cream Flow Beers Being Replaced By Modern Lager

You may have noticed this one the last time you popped into your local, cream flow beers (e.g. Tetley, Boddingtons… beers of that ilk) have slowly been phased out, why? Well, a changing demographic is one reason, so is the improving quality of hand pulled beers as well as a greater demand for more consistent, well-balanced lagers. These lagers, such as Guinness’ Hop House, are more consistent in pour (you don't get a naff pint of it, basically) and the taste is crisper and has greater balance.

Are you a brewery looking to make a dent in the market? Hopefully, this brief article has given you a few pointers. Paying for brewery equipment is an expensive business, financing might be the right solution for you… if it's something you’ve thought about before give us a ring and let’s talk.



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