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Can I get a small business loan fast, or is it a slow process?

Get your details ready

Know what you want

Know why you need the small business loan

Find the right provider




"I need a small business loan fast" is a sentence thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs utter every single day here in the UK.

Whether it's needed for a new piece of equipment after something breaks, to pay staff or even for an unexpected tax bill, requiring a small business loan quickly is something many entrepreneurs will experience at some point.



Can I get a small business loan fast, or is it a slow process?


In short, yes, you can get a small business loan in a short space of time.

That said, because of the lengthy processes involved, you'll have to look away from the banks.

That's because their traditional systems and processes make the whole loan application process a slow-moving one.

That's why alternative lenders are on hand to help you when you need it most (some even go one further and offer instant business loans).

So, what's the typical process for applying?



1. Get your details ready


If you want to make sure the process is as fast as possible, ensure you've got all of your details ready.

Specifically, you'll need to know your:

  • Co reg
  • Amount
  • Loan term
  • Contact details



2. Know what you want with the small business loan


Next, you need to know exactly how much you want to borrow and what kind of finance agreement you want to go ahead with.

This is very important.

Thousands of business owners every year make the mistake of thinking that they should get a loan or go for the cheapest lender without first assessing all the options.

This can lead to problems further down the line when you realise that there's another fee to be paid or that the deal isn't what you thought it was.

Even if you need your business loan fast, that doesn't mean you should cut corners.

If you're looking to get a small business loan quickly and want to assess your options as fast as possible, your best bet is to give us a call, and one of our expert account managers will talk you through your options and make everything crystal clear in minutes.



3. Know why you need the small business loan


The next thing is to know precisely why you need the money.

It's no good turning up to a lender and just saying, "I need ten grand, please!"

Any lender worth their salt will need to know what you intend to use the money for.

Going back to our previous point, this also helps us advise you on the best options for you, which - taking into account the title of this article - will help you speed up the process while also ensuring that you get what's right for you.

It might be that you think you need a small business loan, but actually, a quick conversation makes it clear that an asset finance deal would be a better option.



4. Find the right provider


Finally, once you've researched what and the why, it's time to find the right partner for your business.

If you are in a hurry for your money, there aren't many lenders you should be looking at realistically.

Banks, in particular, are slow and laborious in their process, as are many of the older lenders.

Some of the newer, more technologically advanced lenders (us included) can offer automated decisions and instant payments upon completion, with a paperless application process meaning that everything can be signed, sealed and delivered online.





If you're wondering whether or not fast business loans are a possibility, they are.

There aren't many lenders who can make a fast business loan happen, but speedy application processes exist online.

And if you're looking to apply now, you came to the right place.

Our automated system makes our application process the fastest in the UK.

Click the banner below to get started with your application, and the money could be in your account in as little as 24 hours.




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