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As a UK finance company with experience working with the printing industry, Love Finance have specialist print funding options that offer a full range of finance options on all kinds of printing equipment, be it new or second hand, traditional or the latest technology.

With experience in the industry, Love Finance takes pride in providing a professional service that can begin even before you've decided exactly what you're going to buy, through to your new machine arriving and then being fully commissioned. Our knowledge and expertise enable us to provide 'start to finish' service to help with every investment. So whatever your next purchase is likely to be, we're here to help, and we promise that we'll assist you every step along the way.

So, if you're looking for an experienced financial partner for your next investment, you need look no further.

Digital Printing

This, above all other industry sectors, continues to prosper as more and more printers invest in this equipment, many of them for the first time.

Unquestionably, the advancements and significant improvements in recent years have assisted dramatically in persuading businesses to take the plunge into the digital market. The quality of the print and the reliability of the machines, not to mention the competitive pricing, have all played their part in this success story.

The net result of all the improvements, coupled with the ability of many machines to print on various substrates, handle variable data etc., enables printers to use digital equipment for much longer runs and many more jobs than they could ever have imagined in the past. Most importantly, this technology is available at a fraction of a traditional lithographic press price.

Digital printing is here to stay. Its year-on-year growth of market share is likely to be maintained as fierce competition amongst suppliers, all striving to make further enhancements to their products, continues.

Love Finance specialises in the funding of digital printing equipment. We can offer expert advice in structuring finance facilities for terms to suit you, enabling you to purchase new machinery to match the needs of each individual business.

As well as numerous finance options on offer to purchase the latest printing equipment and machinery, there may also be the option of leasing or renting the new equipment you need; we will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements and discuss the different options available to you.



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