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What Is a Revolving Credit Facility?

Why Use a Revolving Credit Facility?

Revolving Credit Facility Vs Term Loan

Who Can Get a Revolving Credit Facility?

How Does a Revolving Credit Facility Work?

What Can a Revolving Credit Facility Be Used For?

Example of a Revolving Credit Facility

Can I Get a Revolving Credit Facility with Bad Credit?




What Is a Revolving Credit Facility?

With a revolving credit facility, you can borrow money as needed to fund your business expenses. You can repay the borrowed funds and then re-borrow them again when needed. Revolving credit facilities can be essential for businesses and individuals who need access to flexible funding. This flexible funding solution is available from many different sources in the alternative finance market. "Revolving" relates to the fact that borrowers can continue to access funds up to the credit limit, as long as they make the required repayments.

The credit limit will be set by the lender based on your creditworthiness. This is typically determined by your personal credit score, business financials and repayment history, and will determine the interest rate. 

A revolving credit facility allows borrowers to draw on funds up to a predetermined limit and repay it over time. Borrowers typically have the option to make minimum monthly payments or pay off the outstanding balance in full each month. The interest on a revolving credit facility may be either fixed or variable, depending on the terms of the loan agreement.

If you are looking for a flexible funding solution for your business, a revolving credit facility could be the right option for you.


revolving credit facility

A revolving credit facility is a type of flexible funding - meaning that you can use the funds for anything within your business.



Why Use a Revolving Credit Facility?

There are several reasons why you might get a revolving credit facility. Some of the most common reasons include:

Access to funds

A revolving credit facility lets you withdraw money up to a predetermined limit. This can help manage cash flow, cover unexpected expenses, or take advantage of new opportunities.



A revolving credit facility offers borrowers greater flexibility than other types of loans. Repayment terms can be customised to fit the borrower's needs, and borrowers can make partial repayments without incurring a penalty. This can help you organise your cash flow more effectively and keep monthly expenses in check.



You may be able to use the revolving credit facility to consolidate multiple debts into one monthly payment. This can simplify debt management and save on interest. 


Credit building

Making timely repayments on a revolving credit facility can help build your credit score. This can help you qualify for better loan terms in the future.


revolving credit facility bad credit

Getting a revolving credit facility can help to improve your credit, and help you to get better loan terms down the line.



Revolving Credit Facility Vs Term Loan: What's the Difference?

A revolving credit facility is like a term loan in that you can use it for any purpose. However, there are some key differences.

The main difference is that a revolving credit facility has no set repayment schedule. This means that borrowers only need to repay the amount they have actually used. With a revolving credit loan, you can borrow the money, pay it back and borrow it again. Whereas with a term loan, you borrow one lump sum and pay it back, plus interest.

This can be helpful for businesses and individuals who need access to flexible funding.

Another key difference is that revolving credit facilities typically have lower interest rates than term loans. This is because lenders perceive them as being less risky.

Finally, revolving credit facilities usually have higher limits than term loans. This is because they are based on the borrower's creditworthiness rather than the value of the collateral.


revolving credit facilities

The main difference between a revolving credit facility and a term loan is that a term loan is fixed whereas a revolving credit facility allows you to borrow the funds again and again up to the credit limit. 



Who Can Get a Revolving Credit Facility?

Most banks and credit unions offer revolving credit facilities to their customers. To qualify, borrowers typically need a good credit history and a steady income. Some lenders may require collateral, like a savings account or vehicle to secure the loan.

Revolving credit facilities are not necessarily secured or unsecured; it depends on the lender. Loans through Love Finance are always unsecured, meaning you don't need to secure the loan with any collateral.

A revolving credit facility allows people to borrow money up to a certain limit. The limit is set by the lender, and the borrower can choose to repay the loan over time or in one lump sum. If the borrower does not repay fully, they will be required to pay interest on the outstanding balance.



How Does a Revolving Credit Facility Work?

A revolving credit facility works like a line of credit. The lessee is approved for a specific amount and can choose to borrow any amount up to that limit. The funds must be repaid with interest, and the borrower can continue to borrow against the facility up to the limit if they make their repayments on time.


revolving credit facility uk

With a revolving credit facility, a credit limit is agreed and the borrower can withdraw funds up to that amount, repay and borrow again if they wish.



What Can a Revolving Credit Facility Be Used For?

You can use a revolving credit for anything for your business. It could be for a general cash flow injection, to pay staff wages, office renovation, business expansion, or anything else where you need cash quickly. The funds are flexible and can be used for any business purpose.

A revolving credit facility is a great way to manage your business cash flow as you can access the funds without having to apply for a new loan each time. This type of finance is also known as a business overdraft.



Example of a Revolving Credit Facility UK

For an idea of how a revolving credit facility works in the UK, let's say that you're approved for a £5,000 limit. You could borrow £500 today and repay it within a month, or you could borrow the full £5,000 and take up to five years to repay it. As long as you make your minimum monthly repayments on time, you can continue to borrow against the facility.

If you need to, you can also make overpayments or lump sum payments towards the loan to pay it off early. And, if you have any leftover money at the end of your repayment term, you can simply withdraw it and use it as you please.

You don't need to borrow the whole amount, and you will only pay back interest on what you actually borrowed.


personal revolving credit facility uk

Revolving credit gives you freedom as you have the option to borrow up to a certain amount, but you don't have to borrow the whole amount.




Can I Get a Revolving Credit Facility with Bad Credit?

It is possible to get a revolving credit facility with bad credit, but the interest rates will be higher than for borrowers with good credit. Lenders will also likely require collateral to secure the loan. Borrowers with bad credit should only consider a revolving credit facility if they absolutely need the funds and are confident they can make the repayments on time.




A revolving credit facility provides many benefits, including the ability to borrow money when needed and the flexibility to repay over time. This is a suitable option for those with a steady income but may not have the upfront cash to pay for a significant purchase.


A revolving credit facility can be a helpful financial tool for people who need flexibility in how they borrow and repay the money. If you're considering this type of loan, compare offers from multiple lenders to get the best deal. Just ensure you understand the loan terms and make your repayments on time to avoid accruing interest charges.


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