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Securing A Small Business Loan

Consider Every Small Business Loan Option

Don’t Allow Headline Figures to Fool You

Leverage Your Assets

Maintain Honesty with Potential Lenders

Get the Right Business Loan Advice When It Matters

Final Thoughts on Small Business Loans



Securing A Small Business Loan


Are you thinking about taking out a small business loan? Before you decide to pursue a loan, it's essential to think about your options and thoroughly assess the loan market.

Today’s business loan market is very different from what it once was.

This is because banks no longer exclusively dominate the lending scene.

Alternative lending sources such as Love Finance have risen significantly in recent years and have been meeting the increasing demand of SMEs for funding.

Our job isn't just to get you any old loan, though; the goal of our business and financial advisors is to help small business owners and directors like you to get the right deal to take your business forward.

Below are some tips for you on working with lenders and improving your chances of getting the right small business loan for you.



  • 1. Consider Every Small Business Loan Option


If you’re seeking a loan for a contemporary business, you cannot put your eggs in one basket when loan seeking. There was a time when banking groups were your only option for financing, but this is not that time.

It is fundamental for small business operators to be open-minded. They also need to be ready to consider all the loan facilities and the funding options available in today’s market.


small business loans decision "The idea is to access the funding you need with convenient and realistic terms for your business"


There is no denying that the dwindling availability of funding from banks presents challenges to SMEs. However, it is excellent that alternative lenders are here and that they also offer specialist services in many cases.

Remember, the idea is to access the funding you need with convenient and realistic terms for your business. You must ensure that the option you choose is the most optimal, and the only way to do that is to be aware of all the available options so a good call can be made.



  • 2. Don’t Allow Headline Figures to Fool You


The first thing you need to understand about the business loan market is that lending facilities are aware of the strong demand for credit options. While that doesn’t mean that finding suitable loan terms is impossible, you need to manage your expectations well in terms of low-interest rates.

Headline figures are a marketing tool at best. The idea is to grab your attention with offers that seem too good to refuse. However, there is usually more to the story that isn’t immediately revealed. Unfortunately, many businesses only realise the full extent of what has been agreed to well after the contract has been signed.

It could simply be that the needs of your business do not align well with what appears to be a business-saving deal. Whatever the case may be, it is essential to collect all the facts before agreeing to a financial arrangement instead of entering into the said arrangement because of an appealing headline figure.



  • 3. Leverage Your Assets


Sometimes the least risky and most beneficial thing a company can do is leverage some existing assets to get access to funding. Using what you already own is always the best way to go where funding is concerned, provided that option is available.

An asset class such as invoices is often overlooked though it poses excellent benefits. Before a customer even settles an invoice, it can be sold for a price.

Discounting and factoring invoices are gaining popularity as they have provided small businesses with alternative finance methods. Whenever cash flow problems arise and become a cause for concern, such sources of finance can save the day.



  • 4. Maintain Honesty with Potential Lenders


There is no merit in hiding the truth about your organisation’s financial history if you are applying for any form oa loan.

While there may be a few details you can hide, company credit reports are designed to ensure that crucial information on your finances is available upon request to relevant parties. It is in your best interest, to be honest about your situation for more than just moral reasons. Doing so also allows lenders to properly assist you in figuring out the options available to you based on your unique case instead of a situation you fabricated.

What is the point of getting a potential lender to evaluate a non-existent situation to develop terms and numbers if it cannot help your business? If anything, it just makes your loan acquisition process longer than it needs to be.



  • 5. Get the Right Business Loan Advice When It Matters


There are many situations in which it is beneficial for business leaders to rely on their intuition and management skills. However, the business loan application process is not one where such an approach is recommended.

The chance of accessing a relevant and convenient loan to your business can be significantly affected by your willingness and ability to access the right advice at the right time.

The business loan market constantly changes, and third-party experts make it their duty to stay current. Therefore, these experts are well equipped to steer businesses in the right direction for the loan application process.

You only need a proper explanation of the options available to you. However, you benefit from a sound assessment of the advantages and drawbacks of each when you take advantage of expert knowledge.



Final Thoughts on Small Business Loans


Acquiring a small business loan is one thing. Obtaining a small business loan optimal for fulfilling your desired objectives is another.

Taking out a business loan is a risk and reward scenario, and you need to ensure you take the necessary steps to reap that reward and don't take on more risk than you can handle.

Ensure that you review, understand and employ the five tips shared above for a better process.


Need more business loan advice? Please feel free to get in touch.






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