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Most business owners go down the asset finance route for one simple reason: cost.

Equipment finance is cheaper 99.99% of the time because the loan's security is in the equipment rather than on you as a person.

Our automated software allows for your equipment finance application to get approved and paid faster than other lenders.


Spread the Cost of Your Equipment & Machinery

Avoid large upfront investments. Keep cash in the business whilst owning the equipment from the start. 

Our wide panel of lenders ensures you get the best terms possible.

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Lease, HPs, or refinance up to £500k

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Over £70 million lent to small businesses.


What is Equipment finance?

Equipment finance is a type of financing that can be used to purchase machinery, vehicles, or other types of equipment. Equipment finance can be used for both new and pre-owned equipment and can be structured in a number of different ways. One common type of equipment finance is leasing, which allows businesses to use the equipment without owning it outright. Equipment finance can also be used to secure a loan to purchase the equipment outright. Equipment finance typically requires collateral, such as the equipment itself, to secure the loan. Equipment finance can be a helpful tool for businesses that need to acquire new equipment but may not have the cash on hand to purchase it outright. Equipment finance can help businesses save money by allowing them to spread the cost of the equipment over time. For businesses that need to upgrade their equipment regularly, leasing can provide a flexible and affordable way to do so. Equipment finance can be an important part of keeping a business up and running and can help businesses grow and expand their operations.



Some of the Sectors We Finance for Equipment Purchases

construction equipment financeConstruction machinery

agriculture  equipment financeAgriculture machinery

forestry equipment financeForestry machinery

office equipment financeOffice equipment



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Equipment Finance FAQ

What Is Equipment Hire Purchase?

The term equipment hire purchase means you're given a choice to buy the equipment asset you've got for a small fee when the agreement has ended. With this kind of deal, you typically pay more upfront, but the remaining price for the item is then split up and repaid. Your interest will also be fixed throughout the agreement terms. At the end of this agreement, you are then given the option to buy the equipment for a small fee.

What is equipment lease financing?

The option to lease equipment financing is something else to consider. With this deal, the funder buys the equipment on your behalf and you can use the item throughout the lease agreement. Then, you just pay a series of installments so that you can use the equipment. Our equipment lease Financing works a little differently in that you pay a low amount upfront than you normally would if you chose to use Hire Purchase. The remaining cost of your asset is then split up into monthly payments and repaid at a fixed interest rate each month. This goes until the end of your lease. However, you also have the option to keep the item at the end of your initial lease period. Of course, doing so is subject to the annual rental fees.

What is equipment refinancing?

Refinancing helps you release the cash that is currently tied up in your existing assets. You can get access to the capital that can be found from current equipment and use it for many purposes. This service can help you boost cash flow, and it’s provided on both hire purchase and lease financing agreements, even if you still owe payments. In most cases, refinancing is worked out by a percentage of the equity within the assets. Therefore, you can get a higher amount back if you own your asset without owing any money on it. If you have an item that you’d like to have refinanced, please get in touch with us on 0800 086 9404 and let our friendly representatives help you.

How Soon Can I Get Equipment Finance?

In most cases, you can get the money when it is most convenient for you. When you call on us, we start the process immediately and can give you our decision regarding equipment finance rates within one business day. Usually, we pay our supplier directly; once the contract is in place and signed with us, we pay the provider the day after. That being said, we do know that time is of the essence. If the situation calls for it and we are able, it can be possible to approach us in the morning and get your asset by that afternoon. Sometimes, it really is that quick!

How Does equipment finance work?

Equipment loans can help businesses get the items they need without significant upfront costs. In a sense, the funder (us) purchases the asset, which also acts as a security measure for us. You get to pay the monthly installments to own/use the equipment, depending on if you take out a Leasing Agreement or Hire Purchase.

What are the repayments for equipment financing ?

With equipment finance, you won’t have to worry about any upfront costs. As such, the repayments and plans are straightforward. Repayments are made monthly, and you have a fixed, pre-agreed upon interest rate. Best of all, you can choose the time frame that is ideal for you – anywhere between one to five years. Sometimes, we can even offer extended periods of time. We also tailor the repayments to your needs. For example, if your business is seasonally operated, we can help you get a repayment plan that reduces the amount you pay during the lull.

How Much Can I Borrow for the equipment ?

The amount you can borrow will vary depending on the type of company. For example, a Limited Company can get assets from us between £5,000 and £500,000, while an Unlimited Company can get asset funds between £25,000 to £500,000. As such, we can lend up to £1 million for any one customer. You can view the full product facts in the table below.

What Asset Financing option Is Better for My Business?

Now is the perfect time to look at why companies might choose equipment lease financing or equipment hire purchase. It is important to choose the one that is best for you and your business. This typically results in how much of a down payment you want to incur on the equipment. Usually, businesses decide to go with equipment hire purchase if they want to pay a higher fee upfront. Many times, Hire Purchase allows you to claim back your VAT in a regular way. Asset Lease Financing, on the other hand, gives you a lower cost upfront. The VAT is charged for each rental, and the VAT can be reclaimed as you make the payments.** You will note a variety of different treatments for the products from an accounting, VAT, and tax perspective. Therefore, you should consult with your advisers to determine the best method for you and how it might affect your business.