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Could your Brewery Benefit from Finance?

When it comes to raising the bar with your brewery business, you need to make sure your products are top notch to keep up with the competition.

So, it goes without saying that you want to have the best equipment to hand. Industry revenue is expected to see a rise of 0.2% as the craft beer trend keeps flowing, and we’ve got a feeling you want to be part of the action.


Spread the cost of your Assets, Equipment & Machinery

For some breweries, both start-ups and larger businesses, parting with vast sums of cash upfront can leave them feeling a little woozy. Others might find themselves stuck in a constant cycle of hiring barrels they’ll never own or chugging their way through reams of tedious paperwork in the hope of securing a hard-to-land bank loan.

But there could be another option. Love Finance is a no-nonsense, innovative financing company that enables you to find out if you’re eligible for assistance in minutes, not weeks. Consider how many casks, barrels, or other equipment you need to buy; wouldn’t it be easier if you could buy now, pay later and spread the cost into smaller, manageable chunks? If you’d like to manage your cash flow more effectively, one small hop to Love Finance could result in a big hop up the ladder for your brewery business.

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Lease, HPs, or refinance up to £500k

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Interest rates as low as 2.9%

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Over £30 million lent to small businesses.




How Love Finance Works


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    Money is sent to your account in 24 hrs.

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Why Choose Us For Brewery Finance?


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Whether you need new gym equipment, an MOT bay, or a commercial kitchen, we can finance it


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We have a growing list of recognised suppliers. If yours isn’t on there, you can feel free to add it. 


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Any questions about brewery finance?

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