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Could your optometry business benefit from finance?

With NHS advice* encouraging most people to get their eyes tested at least every two years, the market for opticians will continue to stay strong.  

If you run an optometry business, it's safe to say you're certainly no stranger to a competitive marketplace.

From the large multiples moving into the market to smaller independents holding their own, if you’ve set your sights on success, you need to keep up with the pace of technology to provide a high quality service to customers. 

The problem is that whether you’re looking to upgrade a Fundus camera, splurge on a field screener or invest in a topographer, this type of specialist equipment doesn’t come cheap. Parting with a large sum of money upfront can cause cash flow problems for any business, and bank loans can be notoriously tricky to land.

As you’re well aware: cash flow is king. So, instead, why not look to a finance firm you can trust, where you can purchase your equipment and start earning on it, before you’ve parted with a penny?

With Love Finance, opticians can ‘buy now, pay later’ and spread payments over a 3-to-5 year term. Not only does this mean smaller, more manageable monthly repayments to secure the equipment you need to attract and retain your customers, but you’ll be able to recover the VAT and tax over this term and it won’t affect your de minimis rule. 

If high costs are hindering your optometry business, don’t panic. You’re sure to see your business goals come into focus with Love Finance on board.

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Why Choose Love Finance?

Robust financial packages with flexible repayment. We offer a range of financing options, including flexible repayment plans, so you can ‘buy now, pay later’ and divide your repayments into manageable, monthly chunks that suit you.

Easier approval than you would get for a bank loan. With an 85% acceptance rate, it’s much easier to get approval for finance than for a bank loan – you don’t have to be a big business either.

Swift answers and no tedious paperwork. With our innovative self-service platform, businesses can find out if they’re eligible for finance in minutes, not weeks. You’ll have no lengthy meetings, long telephone waits or reams of paperwork to deal with either –  we are living in the 21st century, after all.

No hidden fees. Our agreements are straight-to-the-point with no secret fees waiting to spring on you when you least expect it.

Available 24/7

As your enquiry is processed online, access to our financial services is always available.

No Waiting Around

Once you’ve filled out our short online application form, you’ll receive a fair credit decision instantly.

As Flexible As You Like

You’ll repay by a fixed direct debit over anything from 12 to 60 months - whatever suits you best.

No Dramas

Our smart funding technology cuts out the hassle and gets your business where you need it to be, fast.

Total Transparency

The cost of the quote is exactly what you’ll pay. No hidden fees, no nasty surprises, just one, clear sum.

Completely Automated

No need for long-winded phone calls. Our automated technology cuts to the chase.



Apply Online

Application takes less than 5 minutes.



Our technology gives you an instant and fair credit decision, occasionally we might ask for some more info.



Once approved we will send you a personalised E-Doc, no need to print it or post it back it can verified and signed from you PC, tablet or phone.



You're ready to grow! Money will be sent to your account within 24 hours.


Find out how much you can borrow

Speak to one of our highly skilled account managers

We're automated but it's always nice to know there's a real person behind the scenes to support you, so if you have any questions or looking to enquire please don't hesitate to contact us.

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