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Could your telecoms business benefit from leasing automation?

As we live in an increasingly connected world, the rise of the telecommunications industry has been undeniable. But it doesn’t come without its challenges. 

The ease with which new firms can enter the industry makes the sector an exciting prospect for the entrepreneurial start-up to test their mettle.

Yet the more firms in the race, the greater the competition and the higher the demand for pricey, top-of-the-range equipment to ensure that edge over the opposition. 

As a vendor, you don’t want to see part of your potential market bite the dust. Finding a company you can trust that offers robust financial offerings and a seamless leasing experience to your clients is a key priority. And if you can find one that allows you to take finances into your own hands with an online self-service platform that gives you approval answers in minutes, not weeks, so much the better…

Maybe it’s time to hang up on your tired and dated methods of leasing and reconnect with an innovative and experienced leader in the field – discover what Love Finance can offer vendors in the telecoms industry…

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Why Choose Love Finance?

Flexible payment plans to suit. The right financing firm will ensure you get your money upfront while empowering your clients to afford higher priced products, paying for their equipment in manageable monthly chunks that suit their needs. It’s just as easy as that monthly cloud subscription you’ve probably switched to by now.

Empower your clients to access higher priced packages. With the wide range of equipment and managed services your clients could get finance for, they’ll have access to higher priced products. Plus, you’ll even have the opportunity to upsell additional options like minutes, maintenance and account management as part of the package.

No time wasting. We won’t leave you hanging on the telephone – you can find out if your client’s been approved for financial assistance in a matter of minutes through our online application service. Finance has an acceptance rate of 85% – for start-ups as well as big businesses – so the outlook is positive.

In-depth industry experience. Telecoms makes up 40% of our business with vendors, so it’s safe to say we know the needs and pain points of your industry, inside out. 

Available 24/7

As your enquiry is processed online, access to our financial services is always available.

No Waiting Around

Once you’ve filled out our short online application form, you’ll receive a fair credit decision instantly.

As Flexible As You Like

You’ll repay by a fixed direct debit over anything from 12 to 60 months - whatever suits you best.

No Dramas

Our smart funding technology cuts out the hassle and gets your business where you need it to be, fast.

Total Transparency

The cost of the quote is exactly what you’ll pay. No hidden fees, no nasty surprises, just one, clear sum.

Completely Automated

No need for long-winded phone calls. Our automated technology cuts to the chase.

Speak to one of our highly skilled account managers

We're automated but it's always nice to know there's a real person behind the scenes to support you, so if you have any questions or looking to enquire please don't hesitate to contact us.

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