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Will getting a quote impact my credit score?

Our process does not impact your credit score, meaning there is no risk in requesting a quote.

Is the business loan unsecured?

Yes, our business loans do not require you to provide security and no assets are at risk.

Am I obligated to go through with my quote?

No, your quote is just an offer that carries no commitment or risk, you can reject or accept at any time for 14 days after receiving your quote.
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What your business loan could be used for


Having enough staff is vital for your business’ success. However, adding to your staff complement can be expensive due to wage expenses and recruitment costs. Business finance can help you take care of these.

Equipment finance:

Save cash by making investments in quality equipment. Our fast business finance makes for easy financing for purchases. It is beneficial to your business to choose a repayment plan that allows for better cash flow.

VAT loans:

Bridge the gap between working capital and the amount needed to pay HMRC. A business loan could provide the cash you need to meet your tax liabilities. You pay back in a series of manageable instalments over 3-12 months.

Expansion funding:

Our quick business finance is great for covering the costs that stack up as your business grows, whether that growth comes in the form of expanding the workforce or the premises.


Our fast business loan is an excellent idea in cases where you need cash to cover a large invoice with operational implications or those where you have large bills to cover.

Inventory purchases:

Inventory needed can be financed by a business loan and convert said inventory to cash. Having the extra cash allows businesses to buy stock in bulk, which is great for saving.


Am I Eligible?

  • Must be trading 3 months minimum
  • Valid business debit card
  • You are a director/owner/partner of the company
  • £35k minimum annual turnover
  • Business must be based in the UK
  • Personal Guarantee may be required
  • Find out more about business loans

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