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Offering Leasing Is a True Win-Win

Offering finance to customers is a true win-win. Not only will the purchaser have access to a range of products and services their bank balance wouldn't usually allow them to buy, but your sales team can also close more deals than ever before.





Our Finance Products

Explore the different ways we allow your customers to pay for their equipment.


Product 1

Lease Option

A lease option involves spreading the payment for equipment month-by-month across anywhere from two to five years.


Product 2

Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay Later is the same as a lease option, but customers don't have to start paying for 3 months.


Why Offer Finance to Customers?

Sell More

By spreading the cost, your products become more affordable, opening the door to more customers.

Instant Payment

Despite your customer paying slowly over a number of months or years, you get paid in full instantly.

Protect Profits

By quoting smaller, monthly fees, you're far less likely to be asked for a better price, protecting your profits.

Rapid Acceptances

Using our automation system, your sales team will have access to instant decisions for your customers.

Increase Up-sells

With more affordable equipment, your sales team can seamlessly roll other products into the deal.

No paperwork

There's no paperwork for your team to complete whatsoever, we handle all of that on our side.

Some of the industries we work with




Vending Machines


Coffee and Catering




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Questions about customer financing?

Our account managers are always on hand to talk about finance and help your team get the deal closed. If you've got any questions on how to offer customer financing, please get in touch.
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