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"Beer is more popular than its ever been"

I'm aware that sounds odd but nowadays you cant move without tripping over a new craft beer bar that's looking to push the boundaries of what they can call ale.

In particular craft beer has seen an enormous increase in popularity and has now cemented itself as a mainstay of bars across the country. With countless examples of successful craft beer startups from Brewdog to Beavertown it's easy to see why folks want to get involved and start their own brewery. However, without the proper funds, folks can spiral into money problems quickly, that's why brewery startup financing could be the perfect option for you.

Craft Beer In Numbers How Brewery Startup Financing Can Help You

Choosing a bespoke finance package can put you on the path to realising your brewery dreams or, if you're more established, enable your business to grow even further whether that's buying a new Conical tank or hiring new staff to increase productivity. Finance is an effective way of flooding your business with cash in a way that suits you and your balance sheet.

We all know that cash flow is so, so important for startups which is why opting for finance protects you from issues to do with money in your bank. Whether its a sale & leaseback, business loan or equipment finance you're safe in the knowledge that your cash flow won't spike from month to month but instead stay level and consistent no matter the time of year.

To create beautifully balanced and flavoursome craft beer you need the biggest and the best equipment for your brewery. It doesn't matter what you're producing if your ingredients, procedures or equipment aren't up to scratch, then your product isn't going to be the best it could be - which is just the worst. Brewery startup financing helps you acquire equipment that most startups can only dream of all for a manageable monthly fee over a period of time that suits you.

What Brewery Equipment Can I Finance?

If you can think it, it can be financed. Virtually everything you need to start or grow your brewery can be attained through a bespoke finance package. The choice is completely up to you, if you just want the cash to have the freedom to shop around or if you want your finance provider to introduce you to a high-quality supplier of brewery equipment... the choice is completely yours.

Below is just a few examples of equipment that can be acquired with Brewery Startup Financing from Love Finance...

  • Mash Systems - mash tank, lauter tun, electric steam generators, malt mill machines wort pump, plat, heat exchanger
  • Filter System - filter diameter tank, pump
  • Controlling instruments - meter controlling board, refrigerator board, PLC control board
  • Fermentation equipment - tanks, yeast adding machine, cooling pump

Case Study: How Brewery Startup Financing Helped Byatt's Brewery

In 2017, we helped local brewery Byatt's Brewery run by Lee Byatt and his wife, grow their business thanks to nifty sale & leaseback which helped free up cash for them to acquire new equipment and give them the money to expand an onsite bar.

Brewery Startup FinancingBrewery Startup Financing

Read more about how Byatt's benefitted from finance here.

If getting into the world of craft beer is a goal of yours then choosing the right financier to get the ball rolling is vital, one of our dedicated leasing specialists are on hand to chat about your options and help you craft a bespoke package that suits your budget. Or, if you prefer, have a chat with us in the chat box located on the bottom right of this page.

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