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We're automated, but it's always nice to know there's a real person behind the scenes to support your funding needs, so if you have any questions regarding business loan cost, how to best get a business loan, or about business lending in general, please don't hesitate to contact us before you apply for a business loan.

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We offer instant pre approval business loans, meaning you will receive a text and email within minutes of submitting your loan application. Most lenders take weeks to approve loan applications, however, at Love Finance, we can approve and fund your loan within 4 Hours. 

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What your quick business loan could be used for

Business Loans for Staffing:

Having enough staff is vital for your business’ success. Adding to your staff can be expensive due to wage expenses and recruitment costs. Business finance can help you take care of these.

Business Loans for Equipment:

Save cash by making investments in quality equipment. Using our fast business finance makes financing purchases easy. Choose a repayment plan that allows for a better cash flow.

Business Loans for VAT Bills:

Bridge the gap between working capital and the amount needed to pay HMRC. A business loan could provide the cash you need to meet your liabilities. You pay back in manageable instalments for 3-12 months.

Business Loans for Expansion:

Our quick business finance is great for covering the costs that stack up as your business grows, whether that growth comes in the form of expanding the workforce or the premises.

Business Loans for Cashflow:

Our fast business loan is an excellent idea in cases where you need cash to cover a large invoice with operational implications or those where you have large bills to cover.

Business Loans for Inventory:

Inventory needed can be financed by a business loan and convert said inventory to cash. Having the extra cash allows businesses to buy stock in bulk, which is great for saving.

A good candidate for quick business loans:

  • Trading for over 12 months
  • £100,000 yearly turnover
  • NO CCJs
  • Growth in the business
  • Clean credit
  • Has a website or physical store

Business loan Resources

Understanding Business Loan Rates

Learn how business loan rates differ and what they are influenced by.

Instant Business Loan Calculator

Use our calculator to see what business loan repayments may look like.

How Unsecured Business Loans Work

Discover how our unsecured business loans work vs secured loans.


What is a business loan?

A business loan is a type of funding for a small business, as opposed to an individual. Our quick business loans can be used for various purposes, such as expanding your small business, buying inventory, or hiring new employees. They are typically given by banks or other financial institutions, and the terms of the loan will vary depending on the lender. In most cases, small businesses applying for our fast business loan need to provide financial information to be approved, most businesses will find it easier to be approved for a short-term business loan.

How much is a business loan?

There's no legal limit on how big or small a small business loan might be, but lenders will generally be reluctant to lend vast amounts. The loan amount will depend upon the amount of security you can stake, which is a good rule of thumb when considering loan finance. Love Finance generally works with sums between £5,000 and £500,000, which can be used for anything from payroll to acquiring new business lines.

How can I check my eligibility for a business loan?

We have specific legal requirements to ensure that all applicants comply with; Parliament sets down these to protect business owners looking to receive loan capital. We also have our own requirements to ensure that we only extend credit to those who can afford to repay - again, these are here to protect you. At Love Finance, we will send you a quote to see if you meet the criteria. This might include securely providing business bank statements. Although we offer an unsecured loan, IF your statements are not strong, you may need to be a homeowner to get your approval over the line.

What are unsecured quick business loans?

An unsecured business loan is a type of finance that does not require you to provide security. An unsecured loan is an excellent option for businesses that don’t have personal assets to offer as collateral or companies that prefer not to provide security. Love Finance only offers unsecured loans.

Can I repay my business loan early?

There's no hard and fast answer to this question - it depends on the specific business loan. Some business loans may penalise you for repaying early, while others may not. It's always best to check with your lender to see their policy. At Love Finance, we never charge early repayment fees; you can repay as early as needed. Generally speaking, business loans are a type of business borrowing that must be repaid over a set period. This repayment schedule is agreed upon when you take out the loan and usually involves making fixed monthly payments. If you're able to repay the loan early, you may be able to save on interest charges. Every business is different, so what works for one may not work for another. It's essential to weigh all the options before deciding whether or not to repay your business loan early. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what's best for your business.

Can I get a start up business loan?

Unfortunately, unless you are purchasing business assets, we only offer loans to companies trading over 12 months. However, we have teamed up with Transmit, who offers start-up loans. If you write "LOVE" in the referral box, they'll know you've come from us!

Can I apply for a quick business loan if I have a bad credit history?

Your credit score depends on several factors but most importantly, whether you have a track record of taking out credit and repaying it quickly. It's not the end of the world if you don't have a good credit history. However, if you have a bad credit history, it may be harder to borrow money, but there are things you can do to improve your business performance and help your business qualify. The best thing you can do to improve your credit score and successfully apply for quick business loans is to ensure you're not entering into arrears on any lines of credit you already have.

What can quick business loans be used for?

Quick Business loans can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from expanding your business to buying new equipment you need as quickly as possible. Here are just a few of the ways our quick business loans can be used:- To expand your business: If you're looking to grow your business, quick business loans can provide the funds you need to do so. Quick business loans can give you the boost you need to open a new location or simply add to your existing one. A quick business loan is often used to cover unexpected expenses, such as repairs or replacement equipment. No matter what your need is, quick business loans can help you get the funding you need.

Do you offer government recovery business loans?

The recovery loan has been extended. We can support businesses that haven't yet applied for the Recovery loan scheme request a quote, and if eligible, we'll take care of your online business loan application and get you funded that same day.

What are the repayment terms on business loans?

When applying for an unsecured business loan, it is important to understand the repayment terms. Typically, our quick business loans have repayment periods that range from several months to several years, depending on the size and complexity of the business. Additionally, business borrowers may be responsible for repaying their quick small business loans either early or at their expected due date. Some lenders may impose fees or penalties for early repayment, while others may offer incentives such as lower interest rates. Ultimately, it is up to the business borrower to carefully evaluate their options before choosing the business loan that best suits their needs.

What is the difference between an unsecured business loan and a secured business loan?

Unsecured business loans and secured business loans are two types of loans that are very useful for businesses. An unsecured business loan is a loan that does not require any collateral from the borrower, while secured loans require some form of collateral from the borrower. An unsecured business loan is usually easier to obtain than secured loans, but they typically have higher interest rates. Unsecured business loans are also known as signature loans or personal loans. An unsecured business loan can be used for various purposes, such as working capital, equipment financing, inventory financing, or franchise financing. An unsecured business loan can also be used to consolidate debt or to finance a major purchase. Unsecured business loans are typically repaid over time with monthly payments. Unsecured business loans can be an excellent way to finance your business needs without putting up any collateral.

Can I get a same day business loan?

A Same day business loan can be a great option if you want to grow your business. Unlike traditional loans that take weeks or even months to process, getting a loan on the same day you applied gives you instant access to the funds you need to grow your business. These finance solutions help businesses quickly get the financing they need to take advantage of promising opportunities and stay competitive in today's fast-paced marketplace. Whether you need money to expand, hire new staff, purchase equipment, or fund other important business initiatives, same-day business loans can give you the financial support you need to reach your goals and achieve long-term success. So why wait? Apply for your online business loan today to learn more about how you can get the instant business finance you need right now!

Are there disadvantages of business finance?

Although business finance can be a valuable tool for business owners, some disadvantages may be considered. For one thing, business finance often involves a high-interest rate and tight repayment terms, making it difficult for some small businesses to keep up with their financial obligations. Additionally, to obtain business finance, business owners may be required to provide a personal guarantee, putting their assets at risk. A personal guarantee involves the business owner taking on responsibility for the debt if they default on the repayments. Finally, business finance can limit the business owner's flexibility and make it difficult to adapt to changing market conditions. While business finance is certainly not without its downsides, it remains an important tool for many businesses seeking to grow and prosper.

What is the easiest business loan to get?

If you're looking for an instant business loan, you might be wondering what the easiest to get is. The answer is that it depends on your circumstances. Some factors that will affect your ability to get funding, include your credit score, the amount of collateral you have, and your business's financial history. That said, some types of loans are generally easier to qualify for than others. If you have a good credit history, it will be easier to get a business loan. Additionally, for example, merchant cash advances typically have more relaxed eligibility requirements than other loans. So if you're looking for the most accessible loan, it's worth checking out a merchant cash advance as an option. Another instant business loan that may be easier to qualify for is invoice financing. It may also be harder for you to get a business loan as a sole trader. Ultimately, the best way to determine which type of loan is right for you is to speak to alternative lenders and discuss your options.

How long does business financing last for?

One frequent question we get at Love Finance is, "how long does business financing last?" The answer, of course, varies depending on the financing you're talking about. For instance, a calculator will typically show flexible loan terms anywhere from one to ten years. However, business finance options like commercial borrowing usually have much longer terms- sometimes up to 10 years! Of course, the interest rates and monthly payments on a longer-term loan are generally lower than those of a shorter-term loan, so it's important to weigh all your options carefully before making a decision. As always, our friendly business finance team will act fast to quickly determine what option is best for your business.

How do I get same day business financing?

Same day business funding is an excellent option for businesses needing quick access to capital. There are a few different ways to obtain same-day business financing, but the most common is through online lenders. Online lenders typically offer same day business funding by financing your loan within 24 hours of approval. This can be a great option for many businesses if they need quick access to capital for unexpected expenses or opportunities. Same day pay-outs are typically found through short term business loans. Another option for same-day business financing is through a merchant cash advance. Merchant cash advances provide businesses with a lump sum of cash in exchange for a percentage of future sales. This can be a great option for businesses that have steady sales but need quick access to capital. Whatever option you choose, instant business funding can be a great way to get the funds you need when you need them.

Can you get cash flow loans for a small business?

Cash flow loans are a great way to get the cash you need to keep your small business running. There are a few things you need to know before applying for one. First, cash flow loans are designed to help businesses with their cash flow needs. This means that if you're not generating enough cash to meet your financial obligations, a cash flow loan can help. Second, cash flow loans are typically short-term loans. This means they're not meant to be used as a long-term solution to your cash flow problems. Finally, cash flow loans usually have higher interest than other types. This is because they're considered to be at higher risk. However, if you can repay the loan on time, you can save money on interest. If you're looking for a cash flow loan for your small business, you can apply with Love Finance today.

What happens if I don't pay my business loan?

If you don't pay back your business loan, the consequences will depend on the type of business loan you have and the terms of your agreement. If you have a secured business loan, the lender may be able to take possession of the collateral you used to secure the business loan. For unsecured business loans, the lender may take legal action to recover the money you owe. Either way, not paying back your business loan can damage your credit score and make it difficult to get future business financing. If you're having trouble making payments, reach out to your lender as soon as possible to discuss your options. Quick business loans can be a great way to get the financing you need to grow your business, but it's important to stay on top of your repayments.

Should I get a short term business loan or aim for something over a long term?

A short term business loan is typically repaid over 12 - 24 months. Short term business loans are perfect for businesses that may struggle to be approved through traditional lenders over a long term. Long term business loans are typically repaid over 5 years and may be more suitable for larger businesses with high turnover. A short-term loan is a type of funding for small businesses that is typically repaid within a short period of time, usually within one year. short term loans are typically used for small, short term financial needs such as emergency repairs, car repairs, or medical bills. These loans are typically easier to qualify for than traditional loans because they are for smaller amounts of money and have shorter repayment terms. However, short term loans also typically have higher interest rates than traditional loans. For this reason, it is important to carefully consider whether a short term loan is the right choice for your needs before taking one out.