Are there tax benefits associated with leasing?

Yes, any finance lease rental payment are tax deductible against your profits, therefore attract tax relief for the full duration of your lease agreement. Your accountant should know how this can reduce your overall tax bill. In the case of a hire purchase you, the lessee, are able to claim full capital allowances on the full value of the asset from day one. This can be used to reduce taxable profits and in turn any resulting cooperation tax liability/payment.

How do I make my payments?

Direct Debit is our preferred method of payment.

Do my payments increase if inflation increases or interest rates rise?

Your payments are fixed and unaffected by interest rate.

Will I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, it is a nominal amount in advance of the lease agreement. It is equivalent to a periodic payment meaning you can start using your equipment straight away. With hire purchase agreements, VAT must also be paid upfront.

Can I lease software?

Yes absolutely, we are able to provide finance to acquire software. Leasing software ensures you have the most up date software, meaning you can relax knowing you have the latest software equipment powering your business.